Available in Lightweight Aluminum or Standard Iron

ConMet's full range of hubs are available for steer, drive and trailer axles for most commercial vehicle applications.

We produce the most advanced hubs on the market, from standard hubs to our patented PreSet® line of hubs and components. Using state of the art machines and technology, such as pre-adjusted bearings, we achieve the very highest levels of setting and calibration precision. PreSet technology offers superior hubs that are complete and ready for installation. ConMet hub products include standard hubs, PreSet® and PreSet PLUS® hub assemblies, and PreSet and PreSet PLUS® hub and rotor assemblies.


PreSet Plus® Hubs

Aluminum PreSet Plus® Drive Hub

We’ve built on the success of our PreSet’s hubs by developing PreSet Plus®, the most advanced hub assembly on the market — with standard features like a fully integrated spindle nut design, an optimized wheel spacer, magnetic fill plug, and optional ConMet Premium Bearings*.

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PreSet® Hubs

PreSet® Iron Trailer HubPre-assembled at our own factories.

PreSet hubs are fully assembled at ConMet factories, so bearings and seals are set and calibrated prior to installation. Conventional hubs require assembly of individual hub components using imprecise, hand-held tools, which require extra steps and increase the likelihood of incorrect calibration. Calibration faults can damage hubs, bearings and seals, greatly affecting hub life and safety.

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Hub & Rotor Assemblies

Iron Drive Hub and RotorConMet has built on its success with PreSet hub technology used with today’s S-Cam foundation brakes by introducing a PreSet hub and rotor assembly designed for use on commercial trailers with the Haldex air disc brake.

This assembly combines the low maintenance advantages of PreSet® hubs with an innovative aluminum hub/”hat shape” rotor design offering a significant weight advantage over traditional iron hub/u-shape rotors.


Standard Hubs


For years, ConMet has been the industry leader in the manufacture of lightweight wheel ends. From pioneering the path to the first aluminum hub to pushing the boundaries of conventional hub technology, ConMet is in the business of engineering solutions.

Our Aluminum Hubs enable truck and trailer manufacturers, fleet owners and owner-operators to reduce weight, maximize payload and increase profits. Our lightweight aluminum hubs are available for virtually all axle and wheel configurations for medium and heavy-duty vehicle applications.

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10026194ConMet Standard Hubs are also available in lower cost iron for uses where weight is not a concern.