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Aftermarket Replacement Hubs

When it comes to wheel end performance, ConMet is dedicated to providing the best value for cost per mile and the safest product choices for customers in the commercial vehicle industry. As part of this commitment, ConMet recently released a video depicting the benefits of replacing wheel ends with PreSet Aftermarket hub assemblies as opposed to rebuilding them.

Aftermarket Products

From our industry standard hub assemblies and brake systems to our proprietary wheel bearings and spindle nuts, ConMet continues to innovate. Now available directly to the aftermarket through leading dealerships and parts suppliers nationwide.


Service & Rebuild Kits

Return your hubs to factory condition with PreSet® Rebuild Kits

If you own a commercial vehicle that was built in the last ten years, PreSet wheel hubs were likely installed as standard equipment. When it’s time for service, why not opt for genuine PreSet Rebuild Kits and bring them back to their PreSet factory settings?

Aftermarket App

If you’ve ever had a vehicle down due to wheel end service, then you know how important it is to quickly find the part you need to get back up and running again. For that reason, we’ve built an app for use on both mobile and desktop platforms that will help you find the necessary replacement hub or service parts for your needs – fast.


Where to Buy

ConMet’s distribution network continues to expand nationwide with leading dealerships, parts supplies and service shops now stocking our products for immediate consumption. We’ve gotten rid of the wait so you can get back on road.


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