Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket Spindle Nuts - ConMet

Spindle Nuts

Designed specifically for ConMet Hub Assemblies, our new spindle nuts ease hub installation, provide infinite adjustability, and improve clamp load retention.


Taking Spindle Nuts to the Next Level

ConMet is known throughout the transportation industry for innovating superior wheel-end solutions. We’ve developed
technologies to aid hub installation, ensure proper alignment, and reduce damage to components during assembly,
and now we’ve developed our own Spindle Nuts for use with PreSet® and PreSet Plus hubs.

Installation is a Snap.

ConMet Spindle Nuts make installation faster and easier, and aid the removal of the complete assembly for servicing (PreSet Plus only). They have improved safety features and require no adjustment to engage the locking ring. Our Spindle Nuts save you time during hub installation, making sure everything is aligned properly before your vehicle hits the road.


Superior Clamp Load Retention.

Our spindle nuts are designed with optimized contact area to improve clamp load retention. They retain clamp load on the bearings, which in turn hold the hub in place. Once the locking ring is in place, it cannot loosen. And what’s more? ConMet Spindle Nuts lock in any position giving you the perfect fit – every time.

You Know You’ve Got the Best

Not only is our Spindle Nut an improvement over conventional nuts in terms of safety and maintenance, but it also identifies ConMet as the manufacturer, so you know you’re working with the very best wheel end components in the industry.

NOTE: ConMet® Spindle Nuts are for use with
ConMet Hubs Assemblies ONLY.