OEM Castings, Plastics, and Wheel End Supplier - ConMet


For more than 50 years ConMet has partnered with leading OEMs providing their design, engineering and testing expertise to develop the best products and components in the industry.


Original Equipment

We produce the most advanced wheel ends on the market, from conventional hubs to our patented PreSet® line of hub assemblies and components. Using state of the art machines and technology, we achieve the most precise levels of bearing adjustment and calibration. PreSet technology offers superior hubs that are ready for installation with no assembly and bearing adjustment required. ConMet wheel end products include standard hubs, PreSet®, and PreSet Plus® hub assemblies.

We also produce exceptional brake products including fully machined TruTurn Brake Drums, and hub and rotor assemblies. Our TruTurn brake drum and its weight savings option, TruTurn Lite offer exceptional braking capability, less “judder”, and lower operating temperatures. ConMet’s market leading hubs are combined with the newest in rotor technology to create braking solutions that exceed the latest stopping requirements.


Design & Engineering

ConMet has engineering excellence at its core. Our dedicated teams work to continually improve our wheel end products, while innovating for ever-changing market expectations. We also work hand-in-hand with OEMs to develop interior and exterior components for tomorrow’s vehicles.

Manufacturing Capabilities

With specialized manufacturing plants located throughout North America, as well as overseas, ConMet has production capabilities second to none. Our highly automated processes, rigorous quality control, and manufacturing expertise enable us to drive product quality, durability, and longevity.


Supplier Info

ConMet is known throughout the transportation industry for innovating superior commercial vehicle solutions. We’ve developed technologies for various components on commercial vehicles and rely upon suppliers to provide us with finished goods or quality raw materials that meet our stringent requirements.